Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our First Week at Home

We made it through our first full week home with Isabelle as we begin our new adventure of being parents.  DJ has been working a lot lately and Isabelle and I are busy filling our days with nursing, feeding, and burping and trying to fit in lots of naps and grad school homework in between! Luckily both of our families are nearby and we've had lots of help and visitors.  We also watched our first Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.  Isabelle slept through almost all of it of course, but DJ and I have enjoyed watching our old favorites.

We have been making daily trips to the doctor to get Isabelle's blood sugar checked, but luckily it has stabilized.  She is getting so use to having her feet poked she didn't cry at all the last few visits.  On Wednesday, we found out that her bilirubin was high as well and set her up with a bili-blanket for the last couple of days.  She has been nicknamed our little "glow worm."

On Saturday, DJ was working and Isabelle and I took our first "long drive" to Germantown to meet Uncle Mike and spend sometime Grandma, Gido, and Matt.  Isabelle seems to like the car and slept nearly the whole way there!  We also got to meet some of our neighbors.

After DJ got home, we have a nice and quiet Valentine's Day eventing with Isabelle.  It's hard to imagine that it was only a year ago that we got engaged - it's been a very busy year for us!

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