Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Very Hungry Caterpiller

Isabelle has been very chatty lately!  DJ and I often catch her "talking" to herself at night after we put her to bed.  She has been sleeping great through the night, but has decided that she doesn't like to nap much during the day - too much going on I guess!  We finished our last week of storytime at the Waukesha Public Library on Monday.  It was bug week so we got to listen to The Very Hungry Caterpillar and play with ladybugs and frogs.  They have a break for a couple of months, but hopefully we will be able to go again once the summer reading program starts in June.  We are busy working on our 1000 Books before Kindergarten at home - only 935 more books to go!  Some of our favorites to read lately are The Roald Dahl Treasury and The Real Mother Goose.

We also celebrated our dog Hannah's fifth birthday on Monday - it was a struggle to get Isabelle and two dogs to corporate for the camera, but we managed to get a few pictures!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tummy Time

We had another busy week this week - so glad that it is finally getting nice out so that we are able do more things with Isabelle outside.  We took her disc golfing in Wales a few days ago.  Isabelle has been spending lots of time at Grandma and Gido's house while DJ and I drive to Lomira to look at houses.  I will not be returning to my job at UW-Whitewater after my maternity leave ends and have accepted a director position at the Lomira Quadgraphics Community Library.  Lots of changes after working their for almost seven years, but I am very excited and we are hoping it will be a much better work situation for our family!  I don't start until May 6th so I still have a few weeks at home with Isabelle.

Isabelle has been getting more use to "tummy time" lately, but we still only last a few minutes before we get fussy.  She rolled over from her back to her tummy at Grandma and Gido's house today, but hasn't done if for DJ and I yet - hopefully soon!  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pictures, Great-Grandmas, & a Sleepover

Isabelle had her two-month checkup this week and is now 12 lbs. and 9 oz and 23 3/4 in.  She has been spitting up a lot lately and seems more fussy when she's on her tummy, so the doctor recommended I cut out dairy from my diet.  It's going to be a challenge since my two favorite food groups are cheese and ice cream, but hopefully it will help her feel better during the day!

Last weekend we had my friend Sarah Ripp take Isabelle's 9-week pictures.  Luckily we were at my parents house so we were able to make some breaks and naps in between.  Isabelle did really well and the pictures turned out great!  We will be getting them in a couple of weeks, but here are some of our favorites from the previews:

We meet two new people this week.  On Monday after storytime, Carla and I took Isabelle to meet DJ's grandma Dolores in Ococonomow.  Thursday we meet Great-Grandma Nancy with DJ and his dad.

Friday, my mom and I took Isabelle to Whitewater.  We went out for lunch with my brother Matt and then took Isabelle to the Stuffed Animal Sleepover at the library where I worked.  Isabelle got to meet all of my library co-workers and had a lot of fun at the storytime sleepover.  It was a camping theme this year and we got to listen to stories and songs about camping.  At the end, Isabelle left her bunny in the campsite to "sleepover" with the other stuffed animals and got a Curious George Goes Camping book.  We get to pick up her bunny next week along with a book of bunny's adventures at the sleepover.  Isabelle spent the day on Sunday with Gido watching the Master's while my mom and I went to my best friend Jessica's wedding shower.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Visit From the Easter Bunny

We have started having Isabelle sleep in her crib at night instead of her monkey chair.  She usually sleeps through the night - which is awesome, but it also means that she's been not wanting to nap during the day and gets very over tired towards the end of the day.  I have started trying to get her on more of a nap schedule during the day, but most of the time she is more interested in talking than going to sleep!

Grandma Carla came with us to pajama storytime on Wednesday and we went shopping for her Easter dress.  Baby outfits are so much fun to pick out!  We had a fun Easter with Isabelle!  DJ and I took her to church on Sunday morning with DJ's parents and we all went out for breakfast afterwards.  Then we went to Germantown to spend of the rest of the day with my parents, Mike, and Matt.  Isabelle got lots of fun things for Easter including a stuffed bunny and The Complete Works of Beatrix Potter which we started reading tonight at bedtime.