Friday, July 31, 2015

Six Months Already

Isabelle is six months old today - she is getting so big and has started to develop her own little personality.

We are working on sitting up by ourselves (usually)

and recently started to introduce solid foods (which she loves!)

DJ and I have been taking her to storytime and some of the programs at the library.  Isabelle has started to interact with kids at storytime a little and has made a few new friends.  Yesterday we went to see a snake show in Germantown and got our faces painted in Lomira.

We are adjusting to our new home in Lomira and were finally able to find sometime this weekend to get some things done around the house.  I have been busy with work and my internship/classes in Germantown and Isabelle and DJ are getting into a routine during the day.  The library is close enough to our house and they usually take a walk at least once a day so we can visit and I can feed her.  A few weeks ago we went to Jessica and Patrick's wedding and Isabelle made it until about 9:30pm or so before we had to send her to DJ's parents house for bedtime.

Isabelle is always wanting to be on the go so the exersaucer has become a lifesaver when we need to get anything done when she's awake!  I still read to her some chapter books at bedtime when she is nursing, but I mostly stick to board books so she can look at the bright pictures and turn the pages with me.  She especially loves books that rhyme or have fun sounds in them.

Happy six months Isabelle - we're having so much fun watching you grow!


  1. oh no, I missed snake day!!!!! happy birthday lil lady :) amazing how quick this time goes!

  2. Thank you :) Next year? - He usually comes to the library every year!