Sunday, September 20, 2015

Little Packer Fan

Isabelle has gotten a lot of practice crawling these past few weeks and loves being able to move around more!  She has also started pulling herself up and standing.  She is enjoying trying new foods every few days - this week we had avocados.  No teeth yet - but she has been waking up during the night more so I think we might be getting close.

Storytime at the Lomira library has started up again and we have been going every Wednesday morning.  We love listening to the stories and it's so fun seeing her start to play with the toys and some of the kids afterwards.  We also attended the '1000 Books Before Kindergarten' open house where we turned in our first reading log, got to put a sticker on our caterpillar circle and made some picture book craft projects.  So far we have read 665 books together!

 We have spent most of the weekends enjoying the warm weather as well as visiting grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors, great-grandparents, great-aunt and uncles and even great-aunts!

Isabelle has also become quite the Packer fan...

and a little referee!

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