Sunday, December 20, 2015

Happy Holidays from the Smith Family

Our 10 month picture from a few weeks ago - see the rest of them here

We have had a crazy couple of weeks finishing up school and getting ready for the holidays - less than a week until Christmas! I have been settling into my new hours at the library and am looking forward to having sometime off in the next couple of weeks.

Isabelle continues to be an awesome eater and is enjoying having all sorts of new foods.  We are down to nursing twice a day - in the morning and at bedtime - and have been able to start introducing her to dairy.  It has been a welcome chance since I was previously not able to have dairy either since we noticed it bothered her a lot when she was about two months old. 

Storytime is on a break for the holidays, but we try to get the library about once a week to pick out new books.  I have been having lots of fun reading her all sorts of Christmas books over the last few weeks and we are making good progress on our list.  Isabelle is working on lots of new things lately like waving and clapping and 'so big!'  She is also becoming a lot more comfortable walking with her elephant walker.  We also have two new teeth coming in - maybe they will be here in time for Christmas!

Happy Holidays!!!

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