Sunday, March 13, 2016

Playing Piano and Pink Balloons

Isabelle is 13 1/2 months old today!!  Her new words include "hi," "hot," and "hat" - and, of course, some version of "dada."  Still no "mama" yet, but I'll keep trying! We have been going to lots of different storytimes at the library in the past couple of months and Isabelle is enjoying spending some time with kiddos her own age.  I even caught her trying to share the other day - I think!  We also made it to another stuffed animal sleepover in Waukesha a few weeks ago.  Isabelle spends Tuesdays in Germantown and we usually alternate between Lomira and Waukesha for the rest of the week.  I picked her up from my parents the other day and found this going on in the family room:

I think we might have to sign up for piano lessons a littler earlier than I thought ;)

Isabelle continues to be a great eater - we still haven't found anything that she doesn't like yet!  She is completely in 18-month clothes now and even some 24-month outfits.  We are looking forward to hopefully some warmer weather soon and swimming lessons in Hartford starting next weekend!!

We spent the afternoon today at my best friend Jessica's baby shower.  Isabelle loved the balloons and can't wait to meet her new friend, baby Ava!!

Isabelle has had lots of fun the past few months helping me with Jessica's shower gift:

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