Sunday, May 24, 2015

Camping Time

Isabelle finished the first 100 books of her 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program at the Waukesha Public Library this week - only 900 more to go!  We went to the library with our neighbor Lilly to get her a book bag and a new reading log.  We have been busy reading all of the Dr. Seuss books (there are a lot!), as well as The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury.

Isabelle also rolled over for the first time this week from her back to her belly.  She is becoming really aware of everything around her - sounds, people, objects - and is quickly out growing her 3-month clothes!  

On Friday Isabelle went on her first boat ride on great Gido's boat the Tiedami on Lake Winnebago.  She got to drive the boat with Gido and didn't mind the life jacket too much! I took her camping with the Klowak's for our annual cousin campout (after a 10 year break).  It was great to see all of the Klowak family and Isabelle meet her cousin Henry for the first time!  He is a year older than her and they had lots of fun getting to know each other.  Camping is much different when the little ones are around, but Isabelle much better than expected.  She slept great in the tent (twelve hours the first night!) and loved looking at the campfire.  All of the fresh air must have tired her out!  

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