Sunday, May 3, 2015

Our First Trip to 409

Isabelle is getting bigger every day!  Her new favorite thing to do is put all of her fingers in her mouth at one time - sometimes both hands.  We got her some new toys for her car seat a few weeks ago and it's so fun to see her finally playing with them!  Still not quite rolling over yet, but she's getting very close.  Bedtime is still going well.  I  got her a few CDs at the library the other day and she loves to listen to music before she goes to sleep at night.  We also tried a couple of bits of a banana :)

On Sunday, DJ and I and my parents took Isabelle to Neenah to meet my Great Baba and Gido's house.  They recently got back from Arizona for the winter and we had so much fun visiting with everyone!

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