Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pictures, Great-Grandmas, & a Sleepover

Isabelle had her two-month checkup this week and is now 12 lbs. and 9 oz and 23 3/4 in.  She has been spitting up a lot lately and seems more fussy when she's on her tummy, so the doctor recommended I cut out dairy from my diet.  It's going to be a challenge since my two favorite food groups are cheese and ice cream, but hopefully it will help her feel better during the day!

Last weekend we had my friend Sarah Ripp take Isabelle's 9-week pictures.  Luckily we were at my parents house so we were able to make some breaks and naps in between.  Isabelle did really well and the pictures turned out great!  We will be getting them in a couple of weeks, but here are some of our favorites from the previews:

We meet two new people this week.  On Monday after storytime, Carla and I took Isabelle to meet DJ's grandma Dolores in Ococonomow.  Thursday we meet Great-Grandma Nancy with DJ and his dad.

Friday, my mom and I took Isabelle to Whitewater.  We went out for lunch with my brother Matt and then took Isabelle to the Stuffed Animal Sleepover at the library where I worked.  Isabelle got to meet all of my library co-workers and had a lot of fun at the storytime sleepover.  It was a camping theme this year and we got to listen to stories and songs about camping.  At the end, Isabelle left her bunny in the campsite to "sleepover" with the other stuffed animals and got a Curious George Goes Camping book.  We get to pick up her bunny next week along with a book of bunny's adventures at the sleepover.  Isabelle spent the day on Sunday with Gido watching the Master's while my mom and I went to my best friend Jessica's wedding shower.

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  1. I wondered how this sleepover would work! how did bunny enjoy its adventure?