Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Visit From the Easter Bunny

We have started having Isabelle sleep in her crib at night instead of her monkey chair.  She usually sleeps through the night - which is awesome, but it also means that she's been not wanting to nap during the day and gets very over tired towards the end of the day.  I have started trying to get her on more of a nap schedule during the day, but most of the time she is more interested in talking than going to sleep!

Grandma Carla came with us to pajama storytime on Wednesday and we went shopping for her Easter dress.  Baby outfits are so much fun to pick out!  We had a fun Easter with Isabelle!  DJ and I took her to church on Sunday morning with DJ's parents and we all went out for breakfast afterwards.  Then we went to Germantown to spend of the rest of the day with my parents, Mike, and Matt.  Isabelle got lots of fun things for Easter including a stuffed bunny and The Complete Works of Beatrix Potter which we started reading tonight at bedtime.

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